Your Guide to How Ad Blockers Work

Oct 27, 2021

Ad blockers are browser extensions, applications, or plugins that eliminate or curtail a web page’s advertising content. While a webpage loads, the ad blocker assesses the scripts on a site and compares them against all the sites and scripts it is capable of blocking. All scripts that need blocking will immediately be blocked by the software. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understand how ad blocking works.

How do ad blockers function?

Some ad-blocking applications replace the advertising content on a site with something else. But other ad-blocking applications do not replace the ad content with anything; instead, they leave broken links or holes on the page in places where the ads would have been displayed. 

What kind of content do ad blockers block?

The content that is blocked varies across different apps. While some of them eradicate all advertising on a web page, other ad-blocking tools block things that could be detrimental to a user’s privacy. Currently, the more “annoying” kinds of ads, such as banner ads and pop-ups, are targeted by ad blockers. 

How to install an ad blocker?

You have to start by downloading an ad-blocking application, like Bye Bye Ads, and run it on your device. Then, you can open your browser and visit a website. While your webpage loads, the ad blocker gets to work by looking at the site and its scripts. 

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