Why Ad Blockers Are Popular Among Online Browsers

Nov 11, 2021

These days, most people have something to say about online ads and, as a consequence, also about ad-blocking tools. The debate around ad blocking continues to grow, so it’s interesting to understand what makes ad blockers so popular. Read on to know how people feel about online ads and why ad blockers serve as a solution for those hassled by constant interruptions while browsing the Internet. 

How do people feel about advertisements today?

It’s essential to dive into the kind of online ads that people like and don’t like, as well as their overall views on online advertising. According to a recent study, online users in Europe and the US disliked online pop-ups, ads on mobile phones, and video ads the most. On the other hand, offline advertisements such as ads in magazines and on TV were seen more favorably. 

Respondents were also most frustrated about those pop-ups that make the user find the “X” symbol to remove the ad. And, 91% of users agree that ads are more disruptive today than they were two to three years ago.

Using ad blockers as a solution

In 2002, the first known ad-blocking extension was created by Henrik Aasted Sorensen, who developed it out of procrastination. Today, millions of people use various ad-blocking tools for reasons such as ads being intrusive and annoying, creating security concerns, and affecting bandwidth usage and load time. If you want to continue browsing the Internet without being flooded with ads, your best bet is to download an ad blocker, like Bye Bye Ads. 

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