What Are Ad Blockers and Should You Use One?

Nov 11, 2021

Ad blockers are pretty popular at the moment. These applications and browser extensions are designed not only for desktops and laptops but also for smartphones and tablets. They remove flashing, blinking advertisements and enable you to access the web content you want quickly. In this article, we detail essential points you need to know about ad blockers. 

The definition of ad blocking

Ad blocking is a way of removing ads while you surf the web. You can choose from a range of free and paid ad blockers. The effectiveness of these tools also varies since not every ad blocker is capable of blocking every single ad. 

Installing an ad blocker

Typically, you’ll find ad blockers in the form of browser extensions, i.e., add-ons or plugins. This implies that they are bits of code installed in your browser and not on your device. It’s also simple to install them as it only involves a few steps and takes a few seconds. 

The case for using ad blockers

If you are confused about having an ad blocker installed, here are the reasons why you should consider using one: 

– Ad blocking offers a safer browsing experience at a time when ads can be malicious. 

– Ad blockers put a stop to websites that track you to gather personal information. 

– Ad-blocking tools not only offer a faster and decluttered browsing experience but can get your data plan to last longer.

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