How to Find the Bye Bye Ads Extension On Chrome

Apr 13, 2022

Hello! Did you recently install the Bye Bye Ads extension on your browser? You must be wondering why you aren’t able to view it anymore. 

The thing is, Google has released a new design of the Chrome browser, which has changed how extensions show up on your browser. Your toolbar may now look a bit different than you’re used to, but don’t worry – we’re here with some valuable advice to help you find and keep your favorite extension. Let’s get started!

Pinning the Bye Bye Ads extension to your Google Chrome browser gives you multiple benefits. You will be able to access  helpful settings with ease, instantly switch ad blocking on and off according to your convenience, view the number of ads you’ve blocked, or report a problem to our team.

How to pin your Bye Bye Ads extension on Chrome

1. Navigate to your toolbar and select the puzzle piece icon. You’ll then be able to view a list of all the extensions you have downloaded.

2. Adjacent to each extension, you will be able to spot a pin icon. The pin icon next to the Bye Bye Ads extension needs to be clicked in order to pin it to your toolbar. After this is complete, the extension can be used to its full potential!

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