Jun 15, 2022

Ever wondered why you see so many ads when you visit a website? […]

May 16, 2022

There are dozens of ad blockers that can get the job done by […]

Apr 29, 2022

New Release: BBA v1.0.0.29 to 31 One Year and Counting – Welcome to […]

Apr 13, 2022

Hello! Did you recently install the Bye Bye Ads extension on your browser? […]

Mar 23, 2022

New Release: BBA v1.0.0.21 to 28 We’re excited to introduce you to the […]

Mar 8, 2022

With an ad-block extension, your online life can be somewhat peaceful. You don’t […]

Jan 13, 2022

Ad-filtering allows Bye Bye Ads users to avoid the ads they don’t wish […]

Dec 14, 2021

We hope you’re enjoying your ad-free browsing experience with Bye Bye Ads!  We’re […]

Nov 12, 2021

Bye Bye Ads typically updates itself each time a new version of the […]

Nov 12, 2021

When you use ad-blocking software, like Bye Bye Ads, you may chance upon […]

Nov 12, 2021

Online ads can be extremely distracting and may even impact your browsing experience. […]

Nov 11, 2021

Ad blockers are pretty popular at the moment. These applications and browser extensions […]

Nov 11, 2021

Most people today will agree that the ads on the Internet are way […]

Nov 11, 2021

Ad blockers are popular because they offer users respite from ads that are […]

Nov 11, 2021

These days, most people have something to say about online ads and, as […]

Nov 10, 2021

Ad blockers have made intrusive online ads a thing of the past. The […]

Oct 27, 2021

Bye Bye Ads can really help improve your internet browsing experience by keeping […]

Oct 27, 2021

Ad blockers are browser extensions, applications, or plugins that eliminate or curtail a […]